Test Delkin

I am a sportsphotographer, mainly shoot motorsport and so a speed is really important for me on multiple different levels while I am taking photos. I have been shooting on Nikon for a few years and so just right after the Z9 was released I got two of them. But when I talk about speed in photography it is not only about the camera itself, so when I got the cameras sorted I was trying to find out how to use it so I can get the best out of it. 

There are two slots for memory cards in the Z9 and you can either use CF Express Type B or XQD. I had XQD cards that I used while I was shooting with DSLRs (D5 and D850) and so I thought I would use theses cards with Z9 as well. I was so wrong. It might be ok for someone who is shooting only single photos, not in RAW and is not using the camera for video, but as I have already mentioned above, the speed in photography is super important for me as well as to use the full potential of it and so after the first test I immediately purchased CF Express cards. The XQDs were just simply not enough for 20 RAW files per second or for the raw video.