MCH Photo Workshop

We have some great news about our presence at WEC championship. We were not there for the first race at Sebring in the US, but since that we have done WEC SPA and obviously also 24H LE MANS, but most importantly we will do all the other remaining events as well - Monza, Fuji and Bahrain.


There is not that much to right about it. Only that it was super rainy race when the competitors did most of the laps under yellow or red flags and even while racing, if they were not in the front of a group of cars, they disappeared in the cloud of water so it was difficult to see them. Fortunately it is a multiple hours race, so even if the conditions are not ideal you can still get some good images.

LE Mans 24H 2022

It was for the 4th time in a row that we covered Le Mans. At first, I personally was not supposed to be there as I was supposed to be in Andalucia for the rally, but unfortunately that one was cancelled (postponed) only like 4-5 days before the start of it (so I just lost like 3500 EUR on the travel expenses of our whole team), so at the end I had time to go to Le Mans.