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Just before I travelled to Qatar for MotoGP I got message from friend of mine - Mohammed Abu Issa if I ever have time to come and shoot some stuff in his fitness centre. I told him I definitely could, but that I can only stay for one more day after MotoGP, before going back to UAE for the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge. So we rebooked the flight (at first I was supposed to leave right after the race) to stay one more day in Doha.6I2A7493 6I2A0007I did not know what was the shooting supposed to be about. It was just “can you come and shoot something?”. As I was busy with MotoGP I did not really get so much attention to it until the day before when I got an email with schedule for the next day. Around 10 names, scheduled from 7 am in the morning, each our one or two names. These names were the trainers who work in the OX. So just few hours before the shooting actually started I realized what the shooting was about. 6I2A7776 6I2A8103 6I2A9426It would be all ok, if the schedule was not that tight. You just take “some” photos and thats it, so 1 hour per one trainer should be ok, right? As we were going indoors and outdoors, different rooms, lot of different colors of the background, etc, it was not that easy to set up everything. Bringing up to 4 lights with me around the Fitness Lab (which is actually really a Lab and not an usual fitness centre that you would thing of) and setting them up, then go out for a different scene, that was not that easy. At the end I took photos of around 10 trainers throughout the whole day. I arrived before 7 am and leaving the parking at 9pm, so full 14 hours of shooting (they gave me some lunch break as well :)6I2A9057 6I2A8959 6I2A8249There are definitely some nice photos that came out of it, but the result could have been a bit better if there was more time for everything, I could prepare the scenes a bit more, but it is never ideal so you need to work with what you have.


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