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Partnership with The North Face


Extremely happy to announce the co-operation with one of the biggest outdoor clothing companies - The North Face. When I was looking for some clothes that would fit to my requirements - to be suitable for some extreme conditions - either it is extremely warm, or cold, brand that offers not only clothing, but some accessories for traveling like bags, suitcases, sleeping bags, shoes, hats, etc and most importantly not having only 100% outdoor or outdoor looking clothes, but also a “lifestyle clothing” you can wear anytime, no matter if you are out in the desert or you go for a party or a dinner (that does not require a suit) - The North Face was the perfect match. It combines the quality and design  which is exactly the thing I was looking for. Really glad the co -operation has happened and hope it will be a long one.

MB9A9840IMG_2098-2 Portugal



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