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This was my third wedding I have ever done. The other two were like 5 years ago, when I started with the photos and my friends convinced me to shoot their weddings. Since that I said "no" to huge amount of people, mostly because of the fact I did not really enjoy the shootings and did not want to work around my friends while they are having fun. This time I said yes, mostly beacuse I wanted to try something different once again and see if I am able to get anything out of the wedding shooting and bring it to my usual sportsphotography. The other reason was it was supposed to be on the beach in Australia - great place to be in December, while there was quite cold in the Czech republic.  MCH13938 MCH13321 MCH13239 MCH12846 MB9A9883Not sure what else to say. I do not know if the result was good or not as I do not have any experience in that, but it was definitely difficult. It was really hot, it was noon while we were on the beach, so the light was not really perfect and there was not much time for anything. It was not that bad experience as the others I did in the past, but it was nothing that would convince me to do more weddings :) MCH12797 MCH13436 MCH13025 MCH12569 MCH12298



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