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GC32 Marseille


The last event of the GC32 sailing series this time in Marseille. I knew it was always about the weather, but over there we experienced that the most. One day it was cancelled because of the wind was too strong and then other day we had so less wind that the racing was almost impossible. The boats were just floating and standing on the sea, not even moving. Fortunately there were some great conditions some other days - for sailing as well as for photography. Good wind, great clouds, city of Marseille in the background, nice sunset. So after all the last event was not that bad at all, even there were not so many races and we were waiting a lot until we did anything. MCH24949 MCH24905 MCH11320 MCH24363

Once again I had my 200-400 with me and I believe there is no better lens than this one for shooting this kind of sailing. I also bought a waterproof cover for the camera so I could get the camera into the water a bit a the results were awesome. It is not about being in the water or taking underwater photos, but it just gives you the freedom of hang down from the boat you shoot from, to get the camera half in the water, half out of it and get whole new perspective of the photos. To be honest I struggled a bit to get some different photos after I got to the third sailing event and this brought it to whole new level. It is quite fun to play with that once you are flying on the boat and you never know when the water comes up. The only disadvantage was that I was getting really wet and it was not that warm in the middle of October in Marseille :) One more tip about how I cover the lenses, etc. There is usually quite a lot of water coming on the tender we are on, so I always pack my lenses into the rubbish bin plastic bags - cheap and easy - you just put it on, tape it and it is done :) MCH24567 MCH11070 MCH10328 MCH10493

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