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Motocross of Nations 2016


Once again I had the chance to shoot this awesome event. In 2016 happening in Italy - Maggiora. The MXON is not only about motocross, it is not just a sports event, it is an event with probably the best atmosphere you can ever experience. The amount of people coming there and the fact it is not about the manufactures but about nations, about representing you country, that makes it really special. All the flags, national colors, jerseys with the names of the national heroes, crazy costumes - I have never seen anything like this.MCH29748 MCH23015 MCH10414 MCH10152Always a pleasure to be there to cover this event no matter where it is. Unfortunately I could not stay for all the races as I needed to travel to Morocco for another shooting, so I left on Sunday after the first race and could not see the price giving and the celebration which is always insane. It was also a great opportunity to test the 200-400mm for the first time out of the sailing and I must say it was awesome and that I am really glad I decided for this lens. It was not only about the action photos, but also the portraits came out extremely well MCH10141 MCH10353 MCH10423 MCH22240 MCH22861 MCH22408

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