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Moto GP Brno


Even I live in Brno and the circuit is around 15km from my home, that was for the first time that I had a shooting there. A mixture of conditions - quite hot during the qualification and trainings and rain during the race made it very interesting in the sports way but also in terms of photography. Lorenzo_motogp_2016_Brno_(MCH)_0069 Espargaro_motogp_2016_Brno_(MCH)_0093 Rossi_motogp_2016_Brno_(MCH)_0026

Once again I was covering that for Monster Energy and I was supposed to be focused more on lifestyle photography than the pure action, but as I got a 400mm Canon lens that I wanted to test properly I went out to the track to shoot some action as well. The first thing I realized about the lens was that it is really heavy. Carrying it around the track for the whole day, going up and down the hill, with the hot of around 30 degrees, nothing you would like to do everyday. But the quality of the images you can get out of it (together with the 1DX mk II) is unbelievable. To be honest, I was struggling a bit with the fixed lens even it was all happening on a circuit and you know exactly where the riders are passing I did not feel as comfortable as with the 200-400mm where you still have some variety of shots. And no way to imagine that I would be using the 400mm at any rally raids where you are not really sure where the competitors are passing. So at one hand - brilliant quality, on the other hand - heavy and not that flexible. But I guess it is just a question of time to get used to it, but as I have been always shooting with zoom lenses it was quite difficult for me. Rossi_motogp_2016_Brno_(MCH)_0031 Smith_motogp_2016_Brno_(MCH)_0085 Smith_motogp_2016_Brno_(MCH)_0081 Monstergirls_motogp_2016_Brno_(MCH)_0041


It was only my second MotoGP in my life (2nd this year) so I was still enjoying the atmosphere in the paddock and around the track a lot. The freedom of focus on a lifestyle and any shots I want is just awesome. The condition where not that awesome like in Barcelona for the MotoGP Catalunya where I could play much more with the sun and the shadows, but still I guess quite successful event for me and I was quite happy with the photos I got there.    Rossi_motogp_2016_Brno_(MCH)_0018 Rossi_motogp_2016_Brno_(MCH)_0019 Lorenzo_motogp_2016_Brno_(MCH)_0069


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