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GC32 Mallorca


Another event of the GC32 sailing series. Great weather, nice surroundings = good conditions for shooting. I got a 100-400mm Canon lens to test it there, as I wanted to see the difference among the 200-400mm, 400 and the 100-400mm. MCH13024MCH20238


Surprisingly I was really happy with the quality that the 100-400mm provides. I had the older version of this lens and that was not the best lens at all. The newest generation of this lens has a great pictures quality that is pretty much the same as for example the 70-200mm USM II. But I will write more about that in one of the next post where I will compare some of the lenses. MCH11685 MCH11614


As for the event itself and shooting there. It was little bit more difficult than the first event on lake Garda that I went for in May. At the second event, happening on Garda again (did not go for that one as I was in China) there was an incident where the boat with a photographer crashed into the catamaran (unfortunately the one of the team I work for), so they made the rules much more strict and the photographic and assistance boats needed to stay much more far from the race as it used to be before. Anyway, I guess I was suppose to capture some nice moments there, especially some with the iconic cathedral in Palma. MCH11422 MCH10611 MCH11825 MCH20429

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