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Canon Ambassador


One of the greatest achievements in my career so far, I have become a Canon ambassador in the Czech republic. You might be asking what that means. It is quite simple, I do represent the brand by taking photos, supply the photos to the company so they can use it for their purposes. 16423114_1841509709461645_938067897804082440_o

I might be doing some workshops as well, as some presentation of the new products they will launch and in exchange of that Canon will supply me with the cameras, lenses of my choice. So I can test anything I want, I just need to book it in advance of the shooting I would like to use it for and if it is available (there is no presentation or any other ambassador has not booked it before) I will get it. It is normally for a limited time, max like 2 weeks but then I can get some other stuff again, it is just about to rotate the technique in-between the ambassadors and keep it free once there are some public workshops, presentations, so people can see it and use it. Cant wait for the first experience as I got the 1DX mk II and 200-400mm lens for a shooting in Italy. I will definitely share my feelings with you. Stay tuned! IMG_4428


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