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Monster Energy Speedway shooting


Had some fun with the Monster Energy Speedway athletes during the shooting in Torun, Poland, that we did in order to get photos for the new posters, signing cards before the new season.     C63R9422 ME_Tai_1

I was on my way, driving to Poland (11 hours by the way) when an idea with some holy powder came up to my mind, to refresh the classic portraits shooting. I was lucky enough that I found a company that was selling it directly on my way, in Liberec, where I got plenty bags with the powder. We started with a “studio” shooting in one of the restaurants/bars in the center of Torun. The place was really nice, the only problem was, that it was extremely tight so the whole shooting was a bit compromise and there was a lot of improvisation. We did some classic portraits shots of each of the athletes, together with the girls and then we took some with the powder. Except the tight space around, it was really good, we had lot of fun, everyone was really enjoying it and coming up with own ideas.   C63R8564 6O1A9926 C63R8504 C63R8802

The second day of the shooting we went out to the awesome stadium in Torun and took some action photos. We did not have so much time as there was another speedway event happening that day, so each of the riders just did around 8 laps for me. Not just an ordinary lap, but always doing wheelie, passing me as close as possible, etc. To be honest, when Greg was riding on his back wheel passing 30cm next to me I was a bit scared :) At the end I think we got some cool photos that I am happy with. C63R9162 C63R8619 6O1A9950 C63R8521


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