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Harley Davidson UAE/Oman


Finally another post. Have been really busy since I got back from UAE and Oman so there was not even time to write about it. I had the chance, thanks to, that I am proudly part of to travel to UAE and Oman to shoot a media trip organized by Harley Davidson. photo MCH35846_zpsgoww5quz.jpg  photo MCH16351_zpsudn5ea3w.jpg  photo HD_Group2_Day2-5_zpsmbtoekmx.jpgAltogether I spent two weeks in UAE and Oman, crossing the border in between the countries 8 times. I arrived to Dubai, spent first night there and kicked off the trip early morning the next day. I was a bit surprised when I got an email the day before I was leaving to Dubai and I was asked for me helmet and jacket size :) I though I was about to travel in the car, shooting the bikes passing by, not to ride a bike. I do have a driving license for a small bike, up to 125cc, but have not ridden anything for quite a long time, so I could not really imagine to be sitting on a Harley bike and ride it. At the end it appeared that it was only for the recce that we did before the first group of the journalist arrive, all the other days I was taking photos out of a car. We went on the bikes to do exactly the same trip that we were about tot do with the journalist, so we can adjust some details and so I could check the locations that we were going through to see which places would be the best for shooting. photo MCH15898_zpsday65foo.jpg  photo HD_Group2_Day1-131_zpsxr2jnrru.jpg  photo MCH16623_zpsf2zzg2yy.jpg  photo HD_Group1_Day1-31_zpsrkg5f19k.jpg  photo HD_Group1_Day1-157_zpsdexuurc6.jpg  photo HD_Group1_Day2-39_zpshlk2zajw.jpg  photo HD_Group1_Day2-93_zpstk7vmsm1.jpg  photo HD_Group2_Day2-97_zps9khcmamv.jpg  photo HDU14522_zpskzmmsoka.jpg  photo HD_Group2_Day2-100_zpsyjh8ku6v.jpgSo we did the trip once as a preparation and three times with three different groups of journalists. The beginning of each of the waves was around 40 minutes out of Dubai in an absolutely awesome hotel: Banyan Tree Al Wadi. It was nice to chill there in my own villa with private pool. To the worst to work from. We always stayed there one night before we actually started the trip so there was enough time to relax, edit the photos or take some of the static shots around the hotel. photo MCH15737_zpsgqeu10za.jpg  photo HD_Group1_Day2-8_zpszpnrx955.jpg  photo MCH16491_zpsipxvhwi4.jpg  photo MCH16500_zpson0ca1vo.jpg  photo MCH16210_zpscpe7encb.jpg  photo HD_Group1_Day2-1_zpszir1nbl0.jpg photo HD_Group1_Day1-161_zpszmmtz2hy.jpg  photo HD_Group1_Day2-64_zpswne2qlon.jpg  photo HD_Group2_Day1-106_zpss86lv9nw.jpgThe first day we rode from the hotel up to the Jabal Al Jais mountain and crossed the border to Oman, where we stayed over the night in Al Khasab (the northern part of Oman). That was a little bit over 200km (mostly through extremely nice mountains) and the second day we went back to UAE, using a bit different road, arriving to another hotel situated outside of Dubai. That day we rode almost 400km and then the other day we just moved to the hotel that we started from and wait for the next group to come. photo HD_Group2_Day1-58_zpsipjkkexe.jpg  photo HD_Group2_Day1-79_zps37qnjyzm.jpg  photo HD_Group2_Day1-61_zpscrdzrfrt.jpg  photo HD_Group2_Day1-94_zpsmn0n4lra.jpg  photo HDU14367_zpscm1z4twv.jpg  photo HDU12838_zpsy6wa44js.jpg  photo HDU12740_zps8ehkgkpo.jpg  photo HD_Group3_Day2-42_zpsrjo2e8mb.jpg  photo HD_Group3_Day1-136_zpsddfbv2iv.jpg  photo HD_Group3_Day2-70_zpsuqcwut2m.jpgThe whole trip was extremely nice (except I fell down of the bike during the recce :D), the shooting was not that easy as we did not stop so often to arrive in time and to let the journalist to enjoy the ride and not to stop them every single kilometer, but it was getting better and better with the next group.  

 photo HD_Group2_Day2-87_zpscnnippfa.jpg  photo HD_Group2_Day2-83_zpszcydgpi9.jpg  photo HD_Group2_Day2-72_zpsqvbpweoa.jpg  photo HD_Group2_Day2-2_zps0nuv7x18.jpg  photo HD_Group3_Day1-56_zpsxzxxxvop.jpg  photo HD_Group3_Day2-66_zpsbproemk7.jpg  photo HD_Group3_Day1-138_zpsnuwybjkv.jpg



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