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MINI Morocco shooting


Shooting the pre-Dakar campaign for MINI is always awesome experience. Actually any shooting that is out of the race, so you do not need to drive hundreds kilometres and wait hours for the cars, but you can set it up everything, let the drivers to drive many times is better and easier than the race itself. Unfortunately it is not so easy as it sounds.

 photo MCH31730_zpsljmo0rcu.jpg

As the X-raid team is getting bigger and bigger every year there is a lot crews to shoot and even 5 days look like a huge amount of time, it is really not. Additionaly to that there were two film crews that I needed to share the drivers and the time that I spent with each of them. And that was not all, as it was not only about shooting, but it was also a pre-Dakar test, one of the last chance for the drivers to sit in the car and do some extra kilometres before the cars will leave to South America and there were also some new technical things to test.

 photo MCH30792_zps1k8jn7jb.jpg

Another issue that made it a bit more difficult (promise is the last one) was the briefing that I received from MINI. I am not usually told what I should do and I can mostly decide what the outcome will be. Of course I always know what the client wants and what for, but I do not normally recive briefing a month before, do not make conference calls discussing it and not being told how to edit the photos, what should I avoid, etc.

 photo MCH34677_zpswxcpggme.jpg

Ok, so I started with the negative elements so lets get to the good ones :) Having the best drivers, several Dakar winners, the former WRC star all together in the Moroccian desert for a shooting when you can tell them what they should do - ideal conditions for the photoshooting. Even there was not so much time for every single driver I managed to do at least two different spots with almost each of them. That means photos on the dunes, gravel surface, watercrossing, beach, etc.

 photo MCH11523_zpsodxfdyj4.jpg  photo MCH18381_zpsrusnc02z.jpg

 photo MCH19229_zpshrhxtm5s.jpg

 photo MCH13107_zpsc4dpfezf.jpg

It was quite challenging to fullfill all the requirements that I received from MINI as there were some things that were quite different compare to what I usually do. I was editing the photos in two different ways, once for MINI as there was a special brief and then in my "usual" way for the X-raid team itself. At the end I guess it went all quite well, the client was really happy and you can see the photos being used on the MINI social media and of course on the X-raid media channels as well.

 photo MCH19731_zps208zphdi.jpg


 photo MCH11027_zps4zas8nbn.jpg  photo Mikko Hirvonen_24_zpsqbzg3ztf.jpg  photo MCH19518_zpsqcvm7khq.jpg  photo MCH10775_zpsf2rdfxkk.jpg  photo MCH14030_zpsddwhxovr.jpg  photo Adam Malysz_29_zpsscr1pxbp.jpg  photo Mikko Hirvonen_41_zpsshd0wttx.jpg  photo MCH17209_zpsjwlhipcw.jpg  photo MCH30736_zpskgpfnvjl.jpg  photo MCH12123_zpscwdqzzpg.jpg
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