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Dakar is my lifestyle launch


It all began a few months ago when I was sitting and having a coffee with the driver and the boss of the Bonver Dakar Project and I just told him about the idea of my book and he immediately answered it was a great idea and that he would support it. I did not even need to try to convince him - quite simple :) It all happened so quickly that I did not even realize what commitment I had done. It was beginning of March and we planned the launch for the end of May - seemed as a lot of time but unfortunately it was not. The problem was that I left on 9th of March to Middle East and got back on 8th May,being at home for three days and left for another 9 days. Another "problem" was that I needed to send all the data for printing approximately a month before - means end of April. To be honest I did not think that it would take so much time to put it together neither I would be so busy at Middle east so there was no time to work on it. I found out at the beginning of April I would not be able to finish it on time so I moved the launch three weeks further to 24th June and needed to send it to the printer 18th May. It was slightly better but still not enough time, as I had another two events after getting back from Middle East, so in fact it gave me approximately a week. At the end everything well I got the the book ready in time and the launch went really well. It was all happening in the MINI showroom in Prague, having there the MINI ALL4 Racing, KTM, Tatra truck, two Dakar winners: Nani Roma and Rafal Sonik, the 2015 two stages Dakar winner Ivan Jakeš and the boss and the driver of the Bonver Dakar Project - Tomáš Vrátný. Beside the launch of the book we were able to sell my printed photos in an auction for a charity for around 8.500 EUR!


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The book is decided into several chapters such as: South America - with some landscape shots, Bikes, Quads, Cars, Trucks, My Dakar day - describing how the Dakar is for photographers, Bivouac, Co-drivers and Emotions with a few pages at the beginning about my story. That means how I started with the photography and with the Dakar, etc.


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The book will be available in a few days on my e-shop, world wide delivery - so wait for it, it is worthy!

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