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 I have been thinking about to start my blog at least for two years and finally decided to do so with the new website launched. Photography should be mainly about photos but as I was working at the book I realize how much I have to say about the photos and that it might be interesting for the people if I share some stories with them.

Hopefully it would even bring some more people to my work who are not just 100% motorsport fans and would go through the photos even there was no story around it. But for the same as I wrote some text to my book,even it is more less about photos, to attract more people,I am starting this blog. I will try to share my experience with you,give you some tips,but honestly it would never be a photo specialist blog where you would find tests of every single new product :)

But on the other hand I would like to share the story of my life, tips how to start with photography, how to approach and get new clients,how important is your own promotion,etc. cause in my opinion being the best "only" in the technical part of photography would not make you successful,but you need to know how to attract people,how to deal with clients,being good at the logistics,taxes,anything that might help you out even it does not seem so at the first sight.

The decent cameras are getting cheaper and cheaper - everyone is a photographer even with their phone,so you need to be always ahead in case you are not one of the million who is super mega talented and would not need to do anything :) But thats not my story,so I would better share my experience.It might sound a bit too confidentially from my site,as I am only 25 and would like to share some "experience", but I hope there are many younger photographers who would not mind read it and even some older that would come and would not bother of my age :) And even if there is no one coming to read it, I wanted to start the blog so I can write down my fresh experience,stories so I can always go through it and find it here in case I would be publishing any other book in the future and would not need to try to remember how the story really happened once it is a few years afterwards :)

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